Sadhana’s Completion Stage: Instructions on the Mind’s Luminosity

Sadhana’s Completion Stage: Instructions on the Mind’s Luminosity


The purpose of practicing sadhana is to awaken the mind to its nature and bring forth its intrinsic enlightenment. The creation stage calms and focuses the discursive mind by immersing it in an unpolluted visual and auditory reality. Then the completion stage of dissolution and re-emergence perfects the creation stage by releasing all ontological constructs and immersing the mind in the vast expanse of its natural perfection or "luminosity." Eventually, both stages are practiced simultaneously. This is the method for achieving enlightenment in a single lifetime through mahayoga sadhana practice. This class will focus on the theory and practice of the completion stage.

Format: Two video classes in real-time on Sunday, May 26 and Sunday, June 9 at 10AM Pacific (time zone converter). Video and audio recordings to download and keep.

Prerequisite: Prior teachings on sadhana meditation and practice experience. Empowerment not required.

Tuition: $35.

Scholarships: 50% scholarship by application here.